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Pure Carat.
Hidden powers.

Pure Carat™ is the solution for those looking for discretion and versatility. This extraordinary RIC (Receiver in Canal) hearing instrument offers more power, more features and more listening satisfaction – in the least space possible.


  • Tiny RIC (receiver-in-canal) instruments
  • 10 exchangeable colors for complete individuality
  • Instrument functions are fully automatic and inconspicuous.


  • Features BestSound™ Technology from Siemens.
  • 4 powerful receivers for up to severe hearing loss. Different receiver sizes to choose from, also suitable for people with very narrow ear canals.
  • Offers connectivity with the Tek™ and miniTek™ wireless enhancement systems.
  • Integrated Telecoil


  • Rechargeable to eliminate hassling with batteries.
  • eCharger also includes an convenient built in drying function.