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Pure micon.
Perfectly equipped for effortless interaction.

Pure micon™ is the smallest, most fully featured product in its class, unifying all key features in a virtually invisible shell. Its new design makes Pure exceptionally rugged and reliable, while offering the best in audiological performance. This flexible hearing solution covers practically all levels of hearing loss, making it the ideal solution for almost any user.

Discreet design

  • New robust and reliable design
  • Programmable and exchangeable user controls
  • Color exchange concept
  • Size 312 standard or rechargeable battery
  • Battery door on/off
  • Ingress Protection Rating 67
    • IPX7 water resistance for immersion in up to 1 m of water for 30 min
    • IP6X full dust protection for uncompromising quality and safety

Premium performance

  • Powered by micon: because the future belongs to Soundability.
  • Available in three micon performance levels:
    7mi, 5mi, 3mi
  • Built in Telecoil
  • Featuring the new and improved miniReceiver 2.0 generation of RIC receivers
  • Extremely broad frequency range up to 12 kHz
  • Wireless connectivity with e2e wireless™ 2.0
  • Enhanced tinnitus noiser option